Dan & Neely’s Story

It’s been three years since I adopted our dog Neely through Sweet Paws Rescue, and it has proven to be the most incredible experience of my life. This truly profound moment happened when they found this adorable pup in Mississippi with her siblings or puppy mates, all left on their own without any care, in a container on the side of the road.

Sweet Paws is unique in that its rescue efforts start when its southern team physically rescues an injured, sick, or abandoned animal. The SPR team brings them up to the Northeast. Once the dog arrives, it goes through a two-week quarantine period in which their shots are confirmed, and SPR makes sure they’re healthy enough for adoption.

When I adopted Neely, and she came home with me, it felt like everything changed in my world forever. The void left by losing both of my parents had been filled just as much by this little dog! I can’t say enough about how wonderful Sweet Paws Rescue is and the remarkable kindness they share.

Learn more about Sweet Paws Rescue and the great work they do in helping injured, sick, or abandoned animals. Since this rescue is near and dear to our hearts, our team donates to Sweet Paws Rescue on behalf of our clients for every mortgage closing. We encourage you to support them however you can.

How Sweet Paws Rescue is Making a Difference

Sweet Paws Rescue (SPR) is a registered non-profit animal rescue based in Massachusetts. It’s a grassroots, boots-on-the-ground, shelterless, foster-based, and volunteer-powered organization. Since 2011, SPR has rescued close to 18,000 puppies, dogs, kittens, and cats that would not have a chance at life otherwise. SPR is also a New England resource for the abandoned and displaced and animals seized in cruelty cases within our home state.

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